What to Ask Before You Book

Is the deposit deducted from our Hall hire fee?

Yes!  The deposit is deducted from the BYRA Hall Hire Fee.

Can I bring my own catering and drinks?

Yes, BYRA is a BYO venue all the way.  Your wedding, your choice.

When can we start setting the place up?

Normally we hand over the key to you on the day of the event at 9.00 am.  Plenty of time for set up!

Can we move things around?

Yes, you can, but at the end of the day you are to return things to their original place.  Take photographs if you can’t remember where they were.

What's the curfew?

At BYRA we take care of our neighbours as we don’t want to disturb them with our busy schedule.  On the day of the event, the music must cease by 11.00 pm, no exceptions.

When do we need to pack down?

The packing down starts when the function ends.  Make an occasion for the task ahead.  This is the time to bond with your family and friends, this is the time to recall the events of the day.  Get everyone involved, take photographs and have a good time.  We have seen great photographs of this occasion in wedding albums from other brides like you.

Will there be someone here on the day? What happens if something goes wrong?

We are just a phone call away.  Many of our volunteers close by the club.  On hand-over day we will provide you with a checklist and telephone numbers for you to call in case of emergency.

Can we drop stuff off in the days leading up to the wedding?

Sometimes we can arrange for special circumstances to drop off equipment at the venue. Please talk to BYRA coordinator.

Will we need to hire our own sound system?

Yes, you can, but please make sure the volume levels are acceptable. BYRA has speakers in the club for background music. This can be connected to a mobile phone or tablet.

Do you have in-house catering or preferred caterers, or can I bring my own?

Yes, you can hire your own catering and bring your own alcohol. We have a list of wonderful preferred suppliers we can recommend, but it’s your choice if you like to use them or not. You may find it easy to hire our preferred suppliers as they know the venue and know what works depending on the style of reception you choose to have.

What does the Hall hire fee include?

The hire of the hall includes the 90 chairs, 6 trestle tables for 8-10 people, 4 red umbrellas for outdoor furniture, 4 outdoor tables and outdoor seating.

Can we have candles - some venues don't allow open flame?

No open flame is allowed at BYRA. There are other alternatives! You can have eclectic tealight candles, and the battery lasts a long time; as well you can use solar fairy lights to decorate the hall and deck.

There are so many possibilities, just let your imagination and creativity run free.

What do you suggest in the event of bad weather?

It’s always a good idea to have a plan B. Start your research early. You can hire a free-standing marquee  or you can choose to stay indoors with the great view of the Bay.

What facilities are available for the caterer?

BYRA has a kitchen, oven, stove, pie warmer, microwave and domestic dishwasher. The kitchen benches are adequate for the caterer trays.

Do you find that caterers need to bring in anything extra (eg. heating oven, extra refrigeration etc.)?

Sometimes caterer needs to bring equipment to the club, depending on the style of wedding you require. Talk to your caterer and set a viewing time for them to inspect the premises and assess what’s required on the day.

Where can people smoke?

Guest can smoke outside the club premises. Smoking is not permitted inside or on deck due to the fire hazards.

Is the venue handicap accessible?

BYRA has handicap toilets downstairs, but unfortunately, as the venue is upstairs we don’t have yet a lift or ramp for a wheelchair to get around.

What happens with rubbish? Do you remove or do we? Do you have to recycle?

Yes, you would have take the rubbish with you, but, BYRA has an optional fee of $100 to hire a bin of  600L. Very handy for a stress-free end of celebrations. Trust me, that would be the best investment of the day.

Do I have to clean the venue?

Yes, the venue must be clean prior giving back the key to the club, including the toilets. For a $350.00 fee BYRA will arrange a cleaner for you. Margie, our fantastic cleaner will wash floors, vacuum, clean windows and toilets. It does not include clearing the hall (i.e  removal of rubbish, packing away crockery, chairs or tables). If the cleaners need to clear the hall, an extra charge will be deducted from the security bond.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us at byra@gmail.com or call us on +61 2 9999 2648